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Marketing Creative
Sr. Graphic Designer
Publish on
07 March 2022


    Job requirements:

    • '-1-3 years experience in Advertising or Creative Agency is prefer.
    • - Experience across the Adobe Creative Software suite (Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc).
    • - Able to multi-task and manage different project at one time.
    • - Ability to Produce artwork from initial brief up to finished project.
    • - Able to multi-task and manage different projects at one time
    • - Ability to produce artwork from initial brief right up to the finished product
    • - Proactive, well organised and self-motivated

Job description:

Support Art Director in Creating Key Visual, Layouts, Animation Asset, and Creative Mockups.

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Data Engineer
Publish on
04 March 2022

As a Data Engineer, you should be comfortable around ETL techniques, typically applied to Cloud infrastructures, and involving large volumes of data. Those could be applied by batches or streams. You will also be overseeing the database schemas, lifecycles, permissions, availability, and interconnections. We also expect you to be comfortable with data analysis and modeling techniques (aggregations, clustering, etc.).

    Job Requirements

    • * Degree in Computer Science or relevant field
    • * At least 3 years or proven experience as a Data Engineer
    • * Knowledge of data engineering languages and libraries: Python, Dataflow, Beam, Kafka, Hadoop, Kubernetes, …
    • * Knowledge of data engineering automation tools: Cloud Orchestration, Scheduler, Glue, Airflow, …
    • * Knowledge of data analysis tools and libraries: Numpy, Panda, Scikit (Kmeans, simple classifiers, …), Plotly, Seaborn, Jupyter
    • * Knowledge of Cloud SQL, BigQuery, Datastore and NoSQL frameworks
    • * Experience with Cloud infrastructures (GCP, AWS, Azure, Cloudera, DO)
    • * Excellent communication and teamwork skills
    • * Ownership and independance
    • * An analytical mind
    • * Leadership and organizational skills are a plus

Job Description

  • * Develop, construct, test and maintain cloud architectures to nurture data-focused products and internal tools
  • * Align said architecture with business requirements
  • * Acquire and integrate data from external sources
  • * Design and implement lifecycle and retention policies
  • * Implement analytics models
  • * Manage data access and protection measures
  • * Write technical documentation
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