LED Gatot Subroto (Plaza Semanggi)

LED Gatot Subroto (Plaza Semanggi)


6.144 x 3.072 = 18.87m2
Airing Time
18 hours/day (6 hours/client)
8000 nit
width 1152 pixels x height 576 pixels

This LED Videotron is unmissable. Viewed by motorists from all lanes as well as pedestrians and shoppers, this LED commands attention with a very long viewing time due to the traffic.  There are no other LED Videotrons nearby this area.  This is City Vision’s #1 Site that is always high in demand.

Location View

Motorists heading towards Kuningan, Pancoran, and Cawang.

File Format

.avi | .mp4 | .mov | .jpeg

Artwork Specs: LED Display

Video -> .wmv: width 1152 pixels x height 576 pixels
Still Image -> .jpeg: width 1152 pixels x height 576 pixels (300 dpi)

LED Full Specifications

TYPE : Outdoor LED Video Displays
Brand : Absen A1088
Approx Dimension : 6.144 x 3.072 = 18.87m2
Pixel Configuration : pitch= 10.66mm, 8789m2, Epi Star
Brightness : 8000 nit
Colors : 4.9 Trilion
View Angle : Horizontal 120°, Vertical 60°
IP Rating (Front/Rear)
: IP65/IP54
LED Lifetime : ± 100.000 hours
Max Power Cons. : 8.295 watts
Average Power Cons. : 4.977 watts
Airing Time : 18 hours/day (3.6 hours/client)


To avoid rush installation changes, please ensure your artwork is received by City Vision 5 days prior to the campaign start date.

For Final File Purposes

Burn all files to CD/DVD, ensuring fonts and logo files are supplied separately.

Product Exclusivity

Category exclusivity applies for each location


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Location Map

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